Frederick  has amassed enough  experiences to allow his music to be defined as a labor of love and a integral part of his core.  The aspect of being  raised in a musical environment helped as well, as he critically injured numerous pots and pans (make shift drums) as a small child letting his spirit fly. Oh sure, he went to school and earned some initials behind his name .However, through life's ups and downs ...his music never failed him. Always being there to provide comfort, strength and allow one to dream. His influences are broad ranging from Funk, Rock , R&B , Jazz,  New Age and Pop. He calls his sound  "Hybrid" as instrumental music evolved from many different origins. 


The Music

Always created in the spirit of taking  the listener on a musical journey, highs. lows, sometimes hard or soft..but always meaningful and frequently funky.  Instrumentals that allow the listener to absorb the nuances of the sounds.......sparking their own relationship with the story being told. 

"mmmmm take me away"

"Oooo thats deep"

"Damn..thats my Jam!!"

"Yikes...that's funky "